The Adventure Traveler’s Manifesto

About to turn forty, Carlos Peñalba quits his senior position at a financial software firm in New York City to travel through Asia for a year. Although his main motive is to explore a continent almost unknown to him, he also intends to use his journey to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer and a photographer.

Carlos’s original plan would take him from Nepal to Japan, but unexpected circumstances force him to alter his route and extend his adventure to eighteen months. After trekking high peaks, reaching remote cultures, having some interesting encounters and taking up vipassana meditation, the end of his long journey brings him (where he least expects it) something much more important than a new career.

The Year I Became a Nomad is a travel memoir of two journeys: Carlos’s physical and philosophical voyage to the East, as well as his personal quest to attain a new and fulfilling life.